Yes she did, she invented WiFi

Meet Hedy Lamarr:

She was known for her looks, not for her brains (imagine that), but this leading Hollywood lady had a secret brainy side that the public never knew much about.  As a woman who believed staunchly in “cultivating inner strength”, she set out on a path to put her intellect to good use.

In 1940 she partnered up with American avant-garde composer George Antheil to patent a “frequency hopping” device in hopes to help defeat Hitler.  The patent was given over to the U.S. military, but wasn’t implemented until several years later.  In the ’80s “frequency hopping” became “spectrum spreading” the same technology that has made GPS, cell phones, & WiFi possible.

An original tomboy in her own right, she deserves far further recognition for her worldly contributions.

“The world isn’t getting any easier. With all these new inventions I believe that people are hurried more and pushed more… The hurried way is not the right way; you need time for everything – time to work, time to play, time to rest.” — Hedy Lamarr

I have to say I agree.


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