On to BIGGER and BETTER things.

“The worst thing about being eliminated is that I always feel like I have more to give.”
Although #TeamAlicia (and Original Tomboy mastermind) was let go from Project Runway too early, there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings. For this talented designer with endless ideas and creative drive to make an independent label a stand alone business, Project Runway was just the beginning on her road to success. It was a wonderful platform for Alicia Hardesty and the O.T. brand; it showed millions of viewers who to look out for in the very near future. On the runway Alicia showed us what being a tomboy is truely about and the passion that went into making each look. It was a competition and there were some limitations within each challenge. But one thing was made very clear–Original Tomboy represents something that cannot be bound by restrictions or put into a box.
“I’ve learned a lot being here for a short amount of time, I’ve learned that I can push myself a lot farther than I think I can go.”
Moving on to bigger and better things…A Fall collection is just around the corner. For those who want to see more of the O.T. style, go to theoriginaltomboy.com and check out the collection.
And in the words of a Kentucky tomboy,”You haven’t see the last of me, that’s for sure.”


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