grass-stain fun

Who on earth would purposefully grass-stain a shiny new white t-shirt??

Original Tomboy of course.

We recently sent out kickstarter rewards to all of our backers.  The made-in-the-USA unisex cotton power wash tees were hand grass-stained & painted, and they look amazing!  This tee was inspired by a true tomboy childhood experience, a wild bicycle accident.  Check it out, the response has been tremendous!

The handkerchiefs were hand made here in L.A. with printed cotton fabric from Spain.  We like to think of them as life’s most necessary accessory–use them, wear them, or both.

The special doggy version is modeled here by our super sweet Original mascot, Sydney.

Grass-stain tee

I've got my O.T., where's yours?


the oldest original tomboy

Jeanne Calment

21st February 1875 – 4th August 1997

The maximum human lifespan possible is considered to be 123 – 125 years of age, Jeanne made it to 122!  She had a full life indeed; she was the last person living to have personally met the great Vincent Van Gogh.  At 100 years of age, she was still riding her bicycle, but was never a health fanatic by any means.  She attributes her longevity to olive oil–she drank it, rubbed it on her skin, cooked with it, etc.  Seems simple enough.  With the occasional cigarette, regular port wine & chocolate consumption, she epitomized what we consider an important component to survival in today’s world:  engage your vices with pride, never to hide.  Long live original tomboys.